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If you’re looking for a concrete contractor in Goffstown, look no further than T & M Concrete Inc. We are a team of industry-leading concrete specialists, renowned for our strong work ethic and customer-oriented approach. We offer custom solutions tailored according to the needs, wants, and budget of each client.

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When is the Best Time to Pour Concrete?

The best time to pour concrete is during mild weather conditions, ideally when temperatures are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. This ensures proper concrete curing, ensuring a strong and durable finished product. Extreme temperatures can affect the setting process, leading to potential cracks or other issues.

In colder climates, pouring concrete in freezing temperatures can be challenging and requires special precautions. In warmer climates, high temperatures can cause the concrete to dry too quickly, leading to cracks and weakening of the structure.

T & M Concrete Inc: A World-Class Concrete

We are a full-service contractor. We provide a complete range of concrete services for all types of residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We offer design, installation, repair, and maintenance services, all available at highly competitive price points.

We’ve built a strong reputation based on two things: quality workmanship, and quality customer service. We strive to help our clients through every stage of the design-and-build process. We’re happy to provide custom-designed project plans, project management services, and professional consultation services to facilitate a pleasant customer experience. We’ll stop at nothing to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What is the Difference Between Concrete and Cement?

One common misconception is that concrete and cement are the same thing when, in fact, they’re two different materials.

Cement is an ingredient used to make concrete, a mixture of cement, water, aggregate (such as gravel or sand), and additives. When these ingredients are mixed together and left to cure, they create a strong and durable building material known as concrete.

Concrete is the most widely used man-made material in the world and has a wide range of applications due to its strength, versatility, and durability. It is commonly used in building foundations, roads, sidewalks, bridges, and more.

Professional Residential Concrete Contractor

We offer cost-effective solutions for all types of residential concrete projects. If you are looking to do some concrete work on your home and need expert advice, we are here to help. Our team consists of some of the most versatile and skilled professionals in the industry, and they can help with virtually any project. From driveways and pathways to decorative finishes and curing, our experts are committed to delivering spectacular results with every job we undertake.

We can help with:

  • New concrete works
  • Concrete installation
  • Resurfacing and sealing
  • Cleaning and rectification
  • Foundations
  • Driveways and walkways
  • Concrete patios
  • …and more

Whatever the job, our team will manage it so that you stay informed of all new developments. They’ll walk you through all the different steps of the project, explaining how many people will be working on the job, who will be in charge of managing the project, and how long it will take. We keep the line of communication open, and we give our clients the care and attention they deserve as valued customers.

How Thick Should Your Concrete Driveway Be?

The thickness of your concrete driveway depends on the expected load and usage of the driveway.

Residential driveways should be at least 4 inches thick, while commercial driveways may require a thicker pour. A thickness of 6 inches or more may be necessary for heavier vehicles or high-traffic areas. Our team at T & M Concrete Inc can help assess the expected usage and recommend the optimal thickness.

What is the Typical Curing Time for Concrete?

Generally, it takes about 28 days for concrete to fully cure.

In hot and dry climates, concrete tends to cure faster due to the evaporation of water. On the other hand, in colder and wetter climates, it may take longer for concrete to cure as water takes longer to evaporate.

Additionally, different types of concrete mixes have varying curing times. Some mixes are designed to cure faster for projects that require a quicker turnaround time, while others have additives that slow down the curing process for projects that require more time.

What Maintenance Does Concrete Require?

Here are some general maintenance tips for concrete:

  • Keep it clean: Regularly sweep or wash your concrete surface to remove any dirt, debris, or stains that may cause damage over time.
  • Seal the surface: Applying a sealant every few years can help protect your concrete from water damage, stains, and wear and tear.
  • Avoid heavy loads: While concrete is strong, excessive weight or pressure can cause cracks and damage. Avoid parking heavy vehicles or placing heavy objects on the surface.
  • Repair cracks promptly: If you notice any cracks in your concrete, it's important to repair them as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • Address drainage issues: Poor drainage can cause water to accumulate and seep into the concrete, leading to potential damage. Ensure that your concrete has proper drainage to prevent this.

Enhancing Your Space’s Beauty with Stamped Concrete

Embrace the elegance of unique, artistic designs with stamped concrete. This innovative technique turns ordinary concrete into an aesthetic treasure, mimicking the appearance of more expensive materials like brick, stone, or wood.

With many stamped concrete patterns and colors available, we deliver a personalized touch catering to your style preferences. Our expert team ensures precise stamping, producing a high-quality finish that combines beauty and durability.

A Brand-New Look with Concrete Staining

Our team offers professional concrete staining services for a personalized touch to your concrete surfaces. This involves applying a color stain of your choice to the surface, resulting in a beautifully colored finish that enhances the natural texture and patterns of the concrete. This option is great for adding a pop of color to your outdoor space or creating a cohesive look with your existing home design.

Commercial Concrete Services

As experienced commercial concrete contractors, we provide customized solutions to fit the needs of local businesses. All members of our team adhere to the highest safety and security regulations. They use innovative techniques to ensure that our work continues to meet the highest of industry standards.

Our commitment is to deliver a robust client-care experience. To achieve that aim, we offer complete project-facilitation services designed to help with all our commercial clients’ needs, including:

  • Demolition
  • High-rise developments
  • Car parks and parking lots
  • Ramps
  • Pre-stressed and suspended slabs
  • Concrete pumping
  • Retaining walls
  • Bio-retention basins
  • Concrete cutting
  • Safety bollards
  • Wheel stops

We also guarantee to provide speedy service so that you can get back to your business operations as soon as possible.

Concrete Repairs for Your Property

When it comes to concrete repairs for commercial and residential clients, no one provides the same affordability and durability we do. Our years of experience have given us the opportunity to conduct repair work of all varieties. We’ve learned how to carry out our duties swiftly and with precision, ensuring we save you time and provide you with peace of mind.

Some of the repairs our concrete contractors perform on a regular basis include:

  • Crack repair
  • Foundation repairs
  • Joint sealing
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Slab labeling
  • Concrete overlays
  • Structural repairs
  • Stamped concrete restoration
  • Erosion control work
  • Expansion joint repair
  • …and more

When it comes to your concrete and pavement, there’s no problem we can’t fix. When you’re concerned about the state of concrete on your property, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Concrete Resurfacing for Old or Damaged Surfaces

Concrete resurfacing is a cost-effective way of restoring your existing concrete surfaces to their former glory without needing complete replacement. This involves applying a thin coat of a polymer-based cement product to cover existing cracks and surface imperfections, resulting in a smooth, durable, and visually appealing surface.

Our team is well-versed in this technique and ensures meticulous application for a uniform finish. This option is perfect for rejuvenating old, worn-out concrete surfaces. It can also be customized with different colors and designs for a unique look.

Pothole Repairs for Your Concrete Driveways

Is your concrete driveway in a state of disrepair due to potholes? If so, our pothole repair services are just a phone call away. Our repair service is a meticulous process designed to restore the integrity of:

  • Concrete driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Walkways
  • …and more

We commence by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the damaged area, ensuring proper adhesion. Next, we apply a durable patching material that seamlessly integrates with the existing surface. This material fills the pothole and provides long-lasting strength and resistance to environmental elements.

The result is a smooth and even surface, enhancing safety and aesthetics while preventing further deterioration. Our commitment to quality ensures pothole repairs stand the test of time, delivering a reliable solution for residential and commercial clients.

Concrete Maintenance Services to Extend the Lifespan of Your Property

Concrete maintenance is key to preserving the life of your structures. Our team is skilled at providing preventative maintenance and care for all types of concrete installations. From monitoring the condition of your concrete surfaces to carrying out timely repairs and putting in place protective measures, we ensure your concrete structures remain durable and attractive for years.

Concrete Sealing and Resealing

One of the ways we protect your concrete is through sealing and resealing services. We use high-quality sealants to prevent water damage, staining, and cracking from moisture exposure. Our team will assess the condition of your concrete and determine the appropriate sealant to use, ensuring maximum protection.

Concrete Cleaning

Regular cleaning is needed to maintain the appearance and integrity of your concrete surfaces. Our team uses professional-grade equipment and techniques to effectively clean all types of concrete, including driveways, patios, sidewalks, and more.

Preventative Concrete Crack Repairs

Even the smallest cracks in your concrete structures can become more extensive problems if left unaddressed. Our team specializes in preventative crack repairs, ensuring cracks are promptly filled and sealed before they can expand and cause further damage. This helps extend the lifespan of your concrete surfaces and prevents the need for costly repairs down the line.

Affordable Concrete Services Great for Your Budget

The benefits of working with T & M Concrete Inc don’t end with top-notch quality and expertise. We also offer affordable concrete services that fit within your budget. Our process starts with a detailed consultation and estimate calculation, where we discuss your needs and provide transparent pricing. All our services are competitively priced, and we work with you to find the most cost-effective solutions for your concrete needs.

T & M Concrete Inc Pairs Concrete Services with Solid Customer Service

Alongside our valued concrete services, we’re dedicated to delivering a premium customer experience to both residential and commercial clients. It all begins with our in-depth consultations.

During your consultation, we take time to understand your needs, preferences, and project goals. Our collaborative approach ensures a crystal-clear understanding of the project’s scope and is the first step to precise and exceptional results.

Punctual Concrete Repair Experts

We prioritize punctuality, with our concrete contractors committed to prompt arrivals for scheduled repair appointments, consultations, and more. This reliability extends to project timelines, ensuring timely completion of concrete projects. We value the time and money of clients like you, and this promptness is one of the ways we show it.

Up-Front and Honest Concrete Professionals

We work hard to earn your trust. One of the ways we do so is through transparent communication. Up-front service estimates and honest budgeting are cornerstones of our service. Look to us when you want straightforward solutions and honest answers.

Safety First for Concrete Installations and More

To enhance your experience during concrete installations or repairs, we prioritize cleanliness and safety throughout the construction process. This might seem like a small gesture, but anyone who has has construction conducted on their property knows how important it is. A commitment to code-compliance, safety measures and orderliness reduces setbacks, eliminates hazards, and turns cost overruns into a thing of the past.

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